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Analyst Development Program

This program will prepare you for an exciting career path supporting our omnichannel brand initiative in Marketing, Finance and bloomingdales.com. In this structured rotational program, you’ll experience a mix of classroom instruction, hands-on learning, challenging assignments and have opportunities for cross-functional exposure to all levels of management and team-building.

A Day in the Life

Analysts have a gauge on every facet of business—from vendors to merchants to stores teams. Success comes from balancing big picture strategic planning while also putting out daily fires. Check out how a day might go for you as a member of the Analyst team.

Locations and Start Dates

The Analyst Development Program is offered in New York, NY annually, based on the needs of our business.

Career Growth

The Analyst Development Program will prepare you for an exciting career path to support our omnichannel brand initiative in central areas integral to our organization such as marketing, finance, and store's operations an. In this structured rotational program, you will experience classroom instruction, hands on learning, challenging assignments, and opportunities for cross functional exposure to all levels of management and team building.

Even as a new executive, you will make recommendations that have a direct impact on the evolution of our brand. As an Analyst Executive Trainee, you can be sure you are joining an organization dedicated to developing its employees and providing executives with the necessary tools to be successful.

At the beginning of your career, you will be encouraged to curate a career path that enables you create a well-rounded business perspective and developmental experience through different exposures to our business. If you demonstrate the ability to collaborate and achieve results, you will experience positive career progression.

What is an Analyst?

An individual who participates in the careful study of something to learn about its parts, what they do and how they are related to each other, resulting in recommendations for solutions or future strategy.


Bloomingdale's analysts are tasked to creatively problem solve and develop solutions for some of the complex business challenges facing our Omnichannel Enterprise. Analysts are charged with supporting our Omni brand initiative in areas such as Marketing, Finance, Shortage Control, Store's Operations and Merchandise Information Offices.

Analyst Development Program

The Analyst Development Program provides big-picture exposure to Bloomingdale's Omnichannel business model. Through a robust mix of in-class training with on the job application, the Analyst Development Program will provide you with the technical and business skills required for analytical roles within our Omni Enterprise. In this structured rotational program, you will be provided with opportunities for cross functional exposure to gain a holistic understanding of our Omnichannel brand initiative. The Analyst Development Program will prepare you for your first analytical rotation as an Assistant Analyst.

Assistant Analyst

Assist in the development and maintenance of reports and spreadsheets to interpret data. Collaborate with team on special projects and department goals.


Oversee and execute on departmental and special projects.  Provide in-depth analysis of data.  Present recaps based on key findings.

Senior Analyst

Leverage data to identify opportunities and develop recommendations to grow the business. View the various metrics in new, creative ways and propose innovative solutions.


Analyze initiatives to increase productivity. Propose solutions to ensure department and Company goals are met.


Responsible for the overall direction and productivity of an area. Drive results through strategic vision and leadership.

  • Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Finance, Accounting, or Marketing  
  • Demonstrate solid academic achievement (GPA 3.2 or higher) through use of analytical and quantitative thought processing  
  • Exhibit strong communication, interpersonal and time management skills
  • Prioritize projects and manage multiple tasks to achieve productivity and business goals
  • Demonstrate strong business acumen and professional business ethics  
  • Ability to promote a cross-functional teamwork environment, solving problems and managing complex relationships  
  • Ability to utilize Microsoft Office with proficiency in MS Word and MS Excel   
  • Have strong interest in retail/ fashion industry

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