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The Bloomingdale’s Store Management Executive Development Program develops your leadership skills to successfully manage multi-million dollar businesses. Our developmental curriculum provides the skills and confidence needed to lead a team of professionals in our stores.

A Day in the Life

Think outside the cubicle and embark upon a journey to become a professional who is one part business consultant, one part relationship guru and 100% leader. Check out how a day might go for you as a member of the Store Management team.

You’ll have exposure to all functional areas of retail, from leadership, human resources, promotional events, business analysis, problem-solving, visual merchandising and store operations.

We’ll guide you on how to recruit, attract, develop and retain the top professionals in the industry. You’ll also learn how the Store team maximizes sales opportunity by leveraging our core values of People, Service and Loyalty.

After the successful completion of the Executive Development Program, you’ll be promoted to lead and inspire our store professionals in achieving outstanding business results.

Locations and Start Dates

The Store-Management Executive Development Program is offered in most of our Bloomingdale's stores locations. This program is launched annually in August.

Career Growth

Once you’ve built capabilities and confidence through your sales leadership rotations, your career path broadens. With an individual development plan and Human Resources support, there are several different rotations available for developing broader leadership and coaching experiences. You’ll experience a combination of the following assignments:

Store Management Executive Development Program

The Store Management Executive Development Program is a comprehensive cirriculum that provides you with the skills and confidence to lead and inspire a large team of selling professionals. Through a robust mix of in-class training and on the job application, the Store Management Executive Development program supplies the foundation to be sucessful in a retail store setting. As a member of the Store Management Executive Development Program, you will be connected to a nation-wide cohort of emerging retail leaders. Classroom training focuses on providing you with the tools to be an effective coach, team leader and business owner. Store exposure and time spent on the sales floor reinforces development of leadership skills, executive presence, effective collaboration, and business analysis. The Store Management Executive development program is the first step towards a career in today's dynamic retail landscape.

Business Sales Manager

Business Sales Managers drive sales, service and loyalty through their Sales Professionals to deliver the plan. The Business Sales Managers are present and involved on the selling floor to ensure the customer experience is the number one priority. Highly interactive with both associates and customers, they are responsible for the daily execution of managing the floor, and for developing and empowering their associates to deliver results. The role is a developmental step towards becoming a Group Sales Manager.

Group Sales Manager

The Group Sales Manager drives sales, service and loyalty through their Business Sales Managers to deliver the plan. The Group Sales Managers anticipate the daily needs of the business, respond to market/fashion trends and give specific direction to Business Sales Managers. The Group Sales Managers are the “head coaches” of Business Sales Managers and Executive Development Trainees and are responsible for their development. Group Sales Managers devise long term business strategies with their General Manager/Division Sales Manager. This is a developmental step towards becoming a Division Sales Manager.

Division Sales Manager

The Division Sales Managers drive sales, service and loyalty through their management team to deliver the sales plan. The Division Sales Managers establish the customer as the number one priority and empower managers and associates to provide a seamless customer experience. The Division Sales Managers are responsible for developing the business skills and leadership abilities of their executive team, providing a promotable bench for future leadership positions. The Division Sales Managers demonstrate the high level capability and broad scale capacity to devise collaborative strategic business plans and to execute those plans urgently and thoughtfully.

Trade/Market Specialist & Merchandise Manager

The Trade/Market Area Specialists strategically lead the execution of business priorities for their specific business function within the Trade Area Market. Trade/Area Market Specialists can be responsible for the strategic oversight of the Human Resource, Visual, Public Relations, Asset Protection or Operations functions. The Trade/Market Area Specialists develop and retain a skilled and motivated leadership team in their primary location and assists in the development of managers and their specific competencies in the Trade Area.

A strategic business partner to General Managers, the Merchandise Manager provides customer centric oversight for a group of stores known as a trade/market area. The Trade/Market Merchandise Manager spends time in stores with the goal of maximizing sales opportunities across the trade/market area. Informing long range merchandise planning strategies, The Trade/Market Area Merchandise Manager utilizes customer insights, sales analysis and understanding of competitive landscape to make meaningful recommendations.

General Manager

The General Manager is responsible for effectively strategizing and leading the execution of business priorities to achieve financial results in their store as part of a greater Market / Trade Area. As a consistent role model, coach, and communicator, the General Manager sets the standard for an outstanding customer shopping experience and drives the engagement of our workforce. The General Manager cultivates an empowered and equipped management team, building omnichannel competency to acquire and retain long-term, high value customers.

  • Bachelor's degree with a solid academic record, all majors welcomed (3.0 GPA)
  • Leadership skills that include professional business ethics, assertiveness and self-motivation
  • Ability to solve problems and manage complex relationships
  • Ability to prioritize projects and execute multiple tasks to achieve productivity and business goals
  • Strong business background including analytical skill to strategize data and draw conclusions
  • Willingness to relocate as you advance in your career may increase your chances for more frequent promotions

Students from all majors that have a desire to interact in a dynamic, fast-paced, competitive environment are poised for success in our program. Students with well-developed communication skills, strong ability to build dynamic relationships with others and workforce experience are encouraged to apply.

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