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Connectedness. Teamwork. Respect. Passion. Humor. Curiosity. Commitment. This is what retail is to us. A typical retail job doesn’t exist at Bloomingdale’s. Because we’re not just an innovative retailer—we’re an innovative business. From Store Management to Omni Buying & Planning to Analysts and everything in between, we’re at the forefront of a dynamic industry that’s constantly evolving.

This can be daunting to some, but to Bloomingdale’s, it’s what makes our careers so exciting. It seems no matter what profession or discipline you choose, there’s not really a “typical day.” Instead, we have an environment open to changing, improving, growing and advancing. We have an environment where you can grow in a focused career, but we’re also a place where you can explore multiple, far-ranging career paths.

There’s a place for everyone in retail. Diversity is a driver in a better work environment, but also better work. We bring together our different perspectives to form solutions for business and our customers.

This is our retail—what’s yours?

For the complete story, we suggest you check out the National Retail Federation.

Bloomingdale’s Snapshots

Want a behind-the-scenes look at what really makes us a store like no other? See what life looks like working at Bloomingdale’s through the eyes of our people—from our offices to our stores.