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A Day in the Life

Your Typical Atypical Day

Twenty-four hours goes by in a heartbeat—especially at a fast-paced, dynamic work environment like Bloomingdale’s. No matter what function or discipline you work in, there’s not really a template of what every day will look like. Every day is different. That’s what makes our work challenging, and it’s also what makes it fun. There’s enough flexibility and responsibility to keep your work, your life and your work-life exciting. Take a look at how a day might go for you at Bloomingdale’s.

Store Management

Stores are the frontlines of Bloomingdale’s, putting a face—and experience—to our brand. Check out how a day might go for you as a member of the Store Management team.

Omni Junior Merchant

Managing the vast amount of merchandise through our Omni Enterprise, from stores to e-commerce, is incredibly intricate and complex. Check out how a day might go for you as a member of the Omni Buying & Planning team.


Striking the delicate balance of long-term strategic planning while also putting out daily fires, an Analyst’s role is much more than just crunching numbers. You’ll have your fingers on the pulse of every aspect of business—from vendors to merchants to stores teams. There’s no time for boring days. Check out how a day might go for you as a member of the Analyst team.

Bloomingdale’s Snapshots

Want a behind-the-scenes look at what really makes us a store like no other? See what life looks like working at Bloomingdale’s through the eyes of our people—from our offices to our stores.