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A Day in the Life

Finding success as a member of the Analyst team comes from knowing you don’t have all the answers—but striving to. You’ll piece together raw data into business results, and find what correlates between your findings and the real world. You have to have the insight and instinct to piece together factors inside and outside the company that affect both Bloomingdale’s and the retail industry as a whole. It’s all about simplifying the complex.

9:00 AM

Start Off the Day

Arrive at work and grab a green tea from the pantry. I get back to my desk to check-in with my team and catch up on my e-mails.

9:30 AM

To Do List

After reviewing any new issues that may have arisen, I update my To Do List to help prioritize my workload and create structure to my day.

10:00 AM


I respond to e-mails, providing answers, information and reporting analysis to vendors, merchants or the stores teams. My job is very situational, so a large part of my daily workload comes from buyer requests, system issues or store callouts.

11:00 AM

Staff Meeting

We have touch-bases twice a week as a team to review the progress on strategic initiatives along with any open issues. We discuss next steps and assign roles so that everyone is informed on the progress of the project and their responsibilities going forward.

1:00 PM


I take my lunch break with my coworkers or go to the gym for a quick aerobics or spin class.

2:00 PM

Afternoon Meeting

We usually like to schedule meetings in the afternoon. During these meetings, we partner with various internal teams on our projects or initiatives to flush out details and outline a plan of action.

3:00 PM

Post-Meeting Update

After our meeting, I work on updating the data, analysis and/or PowerPoint.

4:00 PM

Internal Review

I review the changes I have made with the other Analysts, getting their input and advice. Once we have a final product, we then present it to our manager and director before it is sent out to the senior levels of the organization.

5:00 PM

Team Check-In

Check-in with my boss and the rest of my team. Finish up projects for the day and set timelines for the rest of the week.

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