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A Day in the Life

The Store Management team is the gatekeeper to the Bloomingdale’s brand. You’re in a position of high visibility—with substantial responsibility. You’ll lead, manage, inspire and execute while fostering the frontlines of an industry-leading retailer.

9:00 AM

Review Sales

With my coffee in hand, I’m running straight to the computer to pull my numbers from the previous day. I’m thrilled to see my teams’ results since we were two points above sales plan! I’ll make sure to share these great numbers with my team as soon as I hit the sales floor.

9:15 AM

All Executive Store Meeting

This is the most important meeting of the day. We are reviewing our sales and service metrics and sharing what’s buzzing throughout the building with events and the arrival of new products.

9:40 AM

Sales Professionals Meeting

Today I’m hosting the meeting for all the sales professionals. I’m celebrating successes with my team and the outstanding performers from the previous day. This week, one of my new hires added seven new customers to her client book in just four days!

10:00 AM

The Store Opens

Now the fun begins! As I’m walking the floor, I check in with each member of my sales team to ensure they have a daily sales goal, and are following up with pending client requests and appointments. Working in the moment with my sales team to support their goals, and ensure an outstanding customer experience is my top priority!

11:00 AM

Coach and Give Feedback

As a stores executive, I’m a constant coach. I’m observing and providing feedback throughout the day to my team. When I observe good behavior, I recognize and celebrate it. When it’s not so good, I ask the associate how they can improve their behaviors and I’m there to coach them through the process.

12:00 PM

A Customer Experience Like No Other...

I see one of my clients who stopped in to shop for a new dress for an event she is attending tonight. Together, we pull a few options and head to the dressing room. She loved three of the dresses and decided to buy them all. I’m happy to see that we were able to exceed her expectations and continue building a great relationship.

1:00 PM

Lunch Time

I take my lunch when the closing managers are arriving to cover for me. It’s nice to get out of the “office” and grab something to eat.

2:00 PM

Floor Time

After lunch, I’m back on the sales floor, meeting customers, working alongside my sales team and collaborating with my logistics team to ensure best-selling product is quickly getting replenished for customers to purchase.

4:30 PM

Meeting with Vendor

I’m organizing a product knowledge seminar next week with one of our new vendors. I’m meeting with her today to make sure all the details for the seminar are finalized. She’ll be hosting a fashion show before store hours to educate the team and build excitement around the new brand.

5:45 PM

Evening Selling Team Meeting

It’s 5:45 and the evening selling team has just arrived. I’m preparing to host another meeting to review sales and service, as well as share what has been happening in the store today so far.

6:00 PM

Prepare for Tomorrow

Wow! It’s already 6:00; the day definitely has flown by. Tomorrow, I’ll be spending most of the day in the classroom. This class will be covering Leadership Presence, Powerful Communication and Presentation Skills. I’m responding to a few e-mails and leaving some notes for my team before I head out for the day.

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